Often we are able to give an estimate over the phone. When giving estimates over the phone answers to the following questions would be helpful.

  1. What is the diameter of the stump/s. To measure accurately the diameter of the stump, measure the widest distance of the stump where it enters the ground rather than the trunk of the stump above ground.
  2. Stump_Measurement

  3. What is the height of stump/s.
  4. How many stumps?
  5. Access to stump. Is there good access to the stump and around the stump? If there are obstacles such as concrete or asphalt driveways or footpaths, fences, landscaping features, walls or the access is difficult this may add to the cost to grind the stump/s.
  6. Are there any surface roots to remove?
  7. What do you plan to do with the area once the stump is removed?

It is preferable to come out to the site to view the work to be completed to enable a free no obligation written quote to be given.

Hints to Reduce Costs

  1. Make sure that the stump is cut as low to the ground as possible.
  2. Remove any obstacles next to or around the stump. For example pebbles, weed mat, irrigation pipes, stacks of timber.
  3. When the stump is ground all that remains is a mixture of dirt and wood chips. Often all that is required is to shovel the dirt/wood chip mix back into the hole ensuring the mix is left proud to allow for settlement. If you are prepared to reinstate the ground yourself, particularly on larger jobs, this will save you money.
  4. Depth to grind. The deeper you want the stump ground the more it will cost. For example if you want the stump totally removed it will cost more than if you want the stump ground so you can regrass.